Sky Happenings week of 17th September 2012

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Virgo Advice

Sky Happenings week of 17th September 2012

This week starts on a promise of fresh starts and new beginnings presented by the recent New Moon in Virgo, followed closely by the Pluto station direct in Capricorn, in exact square aspect to Uranus in Aries. Mercury enters Libra, which will help ease diplomatic tensions and help us find a balance in our communications and relationships.

The full Moon at the end of the month is conjunct Uranus in Aries, so we can expect a culmination then. It is imperative that our leaders exercise caution, as their actions now could come back to bite us and could result in serious ramifications for the world. What does this mean for our leaders and particularly in America, for our Presidential election candidates, some of whom are all too keen to capitalize on tragedy for political advantage?

Virgo AdvicePluto' Orbit in our Solar SystemPluto's unique orbit varies widely from the eliptic
PLUTO simulations: Size Dosen't Matter! It's all about the science of matter. Pluto in red showing path around our solar system

Not just our own nation, but people around the globe are watching and waiting at this crucial time to see who the American people choose on November 6th (and who is counting those Votes afterwords?). We are in the midst of mass economic crisis and upheaval around the planet. The problems won’t be resolved overnight, but much of the process of change will complete by 2015, much will be transformed by the end of the current Pluto, Uranus cycle and what must change will, but meanwhile everything is coming to a head this week.

Recent events were escalated by political rhetoric and heated debate. With the Pluto shift this week more upheaval is likely, but whatever it brings will be “unexpected” because that is how Uranus operates. Earthquakes are possible, so are sudden acts of aggression, some cloaked in secrecy and stealth and everyone will be questioning, just what are our rights when it comes to free speech and conflict with the rights of others? The differences between our election candidates was illuminated and we were left with a clear view of their very opposite views on foreign policy directions. Now the choice is up to us.    

As previously discussed, the astrological link between the candidates and the election event chart is Gemini and Sagittarius, Mercury and Jupiter. It’s all about communication and global affairs, what they say, the truth, DOES matter. Few can have failed to miss the significance already, especially in context with recent communication (Mercury) and foreign affairs (Sagittarius). Despite major National issues, it is clear global matters will be front and center for our candidates and this may become a deciding factor in the election outcome. Mercury’s comes to the rescue with its entrance into Libra on the 21st September.

Locations of Recent Global Protests (Data Unverified ~ Ceative Commons Graphic).

  • Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.
  • Arab Spring and Impact without Wall Street Demonstrations.
  • Protests started before Occupy Wall Street in reaction to the Arab Spring.
  • No Data or too small

The Arab Spring commenced as Uranus first moved into Aries and inevitable change is in full swing across the Middle East now. The entire world is in the grip of extreme climate changes and economic crisis. Who we elect as President will have major bearing on our future direction, already in motion, domestically and internationally and the reaction we will invoke from others.

Current sky happenings are stimulating revelation, illumination and conducting the energies of revolution. History gives us clues about what to expect through previous aspect patterns and cycles and how this manifested in the world. How our candidates react and respond to current events and have done in the past, reveals much about them and how they will act as President in the future.

The New Moon in Virgo offers the opportunity to put things in order and find new ways and natural solutions to resolve the most intricate problems. Mercury ruled Virgo is often hypercritical of others, but focuses positive energy on detailed analysis, research and finding the facts.

We are facing Media Overload! AstrologyBirthday

We are commencing a new and very productive period, a time for system overhauls and to figure out what does and doesn't work. A work in progress, no quick or easy results here, we are inundated with too much information from many different sources and it’s hard to see what really matters, but tact and diplomacy and sensitivity to different cultures and belief systems is essential.

The trouble is that when we take a good look at our set-up, our structure, we may not like what we find now, but this is no “feel good” energy. Its’ about recognizing where we went wrong, acknowledging what is toxic or spoiled and finding logical solutions and a path to healing and well-being for all concerned.

We have to avoid the finger pointing tendencies of Virgo and the two-faced aspects of Mercury. We must use the strengths of mental agility and dexterity to help restore order out of chaos, with awareness of different needs, interests and concerns.

Virgo is an earth sign and this is a time of year for reaping what we have sown, but it is also a good time to review the results and change our sowing pattern for the future, if we want to improve the outcome. A mutable sign, Virgo is about simple pleasures, it is flexible which makes it easier to Adapt to new ideas and systems.

Most significant is the direct station of Pluto, in exact square aspect to Uranus on the 18th September. We have been dealing with the global and local disruptions and upheavals, energized by the challenging square aspect between transiting Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, for some time.

This Pluto Uranus cycle is in aspect throughout this year and concludes in 2015. The first exact square occurred on June 24th 2012. The tensions have been building and the influence is now peaking with another exact square aspect. Pluto has been at this point for the last week and culminates with the direct station on the 18th September.This Pluto Uranus cycle is in aspect throughout this year and concludes in 2015.

Pluto brings to the surface what has previously been hidden or concealed. It reveals secrets, unpleasant truth and harsh realities. In Capricorn, faulty infrastructure is revealed and flaws are illuminated in all established systems and structures.

What doesn't work is cleared away to make way for new structures and foundations that will better sustain life for everyone in the future. In hard aspect to Uranus, Pluto exposes ruthlessness, indicates radical revelations and revolution, climate extremes and human behavior extremes.

Uranus stimulates and stirs deep need for change. It urges rebellion against social injustice to bring about humanitarian reforms. This energy is electric, can be shocking and work through the unexpected, unusual circumstances to bring about internal and external changes.

The positive results are brilliant ideas, new inventions and advanced technologies that are born out of these individual and group revolutions. Uranus in Aries demands instant action, the energy is extreme. All attempts to create necessary changes without upheaval may have failed and it then becomes a matter of all or nothing. Once we are in this cycle there is no turning back, we must complete the process.

The current civil unrest and wars across the globe are a symptom of the evolutionary process and people are awakened and inspired to improve and rebuild broken systems and structures. Tremendous breakthroughs are possible, through life and death issues, endings, new beginnings, painful growth and transformation. We are compelled to find a greater understanding about our inter-connectedness, our wholeness with everyone on the planet.

The previous square aspect between Pluto and Uranus was in the 1930s and we can use past experience to guide us in the present. The first exact aspect was in April 1932, with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer. This marked a milestone period of extreme climate fluctuations and droughts in various parts of the world (Soil Erosion, Dust Bowls) and coincided with the Great Depression cycle, the housing slump (Pluto in Cancer) and the global economic recession.

Photo of King Faisal I of Syria with King Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia in the mid-1920s. From the Online Museum of Syrian History.

King Abdul-Aziz formed the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1933. He surveyed the country’s resources and signed a concession with Standard Oil of California. This was the beginning of what later became known as a special relationship with the US. Meanwhile, small local engagements between China and Japan developed into major war by 1937, while Hitler’s rise to power peaked in 1933.

In September 1965, Pluto and Uranus came to a conjunction in Virgo, in aspect throughout 1966. This marked a time of explosive energies for change. For cultural and sexual revolution, that initiated the feminist movement and the quest for gay rights. Interest in Eastern philosophies was heightened and resulted in breakthroughs in consciousness and a change in thinking patterns and belief systems.

Peace and Love Planetary Aspects AstrologyBirthday

People sought release from all forms of repression and rebelled against materialism and the perceived mishandling of resources by global leaders. The anti-war movement evolved and people preferred peaceful resolution over violence. This energy culminated with the Beatles number two UK hit in 1969, “Give Peace a Chance”.

Today we are dealing with the energies of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. This current clash of explosive energies and this Virgo New Moon offer clues about new directions. We are confronted with the reality of our darkest, selfish, greedy and materialistic nature and challenged to transform. The question is, are we up to the challenge? Can we find peaceful solutions, help improve the lot of everyone on the planet and avoid further violence and aggression? Can we recognize we are part of the collective and can we choose a leader who will serve the best interests of everyone, instead of his own quest for ultimate power?

Cassandra Brant
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